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The SecTor 2015 presentations can now be found at

SecTor Management and the Advisory Committee look forward once again bringing the world's best speakers in the field of IT Security to Toronto in 2016. Be sure you're receiving our newsletter to ensure you are notified on the speakers for 2016 as they are announced.

See below the impressive lineup of speakers we had at SecTor 2015, and Click Here to see who’s been involved in our past events.

Chris Valasek

Chris Valasek

Christopher Valasek serves as Director Vehicle Security Research at IOActive, an industry leader in comprehensive computer security services. In this role, Valasek is responsible for guiding IOActive’s vehicle security research efforts. He is also heavily involved in bleeding-edge automotive security research.

Valasek specializes in offensive research methodologies with a focus on reverse engineering and exploitation. Known for his extensive automotive field research, Valasek was one of the first researchers to discuss automotive security issues in detail. His release of a library to physically control vehicles through the CAN bus garnered worldwide media attention. Valasek is also known for his exploitation and reverse engineering of Microsoft® Windows. As a Windows security subject matter expert, he is quoted in several technology publications and has given presentations on the subject at a number of conferences. He is also the Chairman of SummerCon, the oldest US hacker conference.

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